Don't Let These 3 Misconceptions Hold You Back from Going to the Chiropractor

24 June 2015
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Many individuals suffer with back pain at one point in time or another. While some can do a few stretches and move on from it, others are left in such pain that they can barely make it through the day. Making an appointment with the chiropractor might be just what you need to recover and get back on track. Sadly, many people are worried that going to the chiropractor is a bad thing. Take a look at some of the common misconceptions individuals have about going to the chiropractor.

An adjustment is going to hurt.

There are a variety of different techniques that can be used to help adjust the spine. It can be anything from a classic thrust to a light force. Some use tables and others use instruments. Every situation is different. However, all chiropractors utilize a safe procedure based on the age, comfort level, and condition of the individual patient. The spinal adjustment doesn't normally hurt whatsoever. Generally speaking, you will feel relief.

You should only make an appointment with the chiropractor if you have pain.

Many assume that the only time they need to visit one of these professionals is if they are in a lot of pain. However, that isn't the case. These professionals can also help you take preventative measures to ensure you don't have to deal with the same problem later on down the line. Some go for regular check-ups to have their muscles and joints checked.

You should be scared of the popping noise.

Oftentimes, people are scared of the popping sound because they aren't told what it really is. The sound often occurs once your joint has been pushed beyond its normal range. Once that happens, it releases nitrous oxide gas, thus creating the popping sound. In about 15–20 minutes, the gas will return to your joint. While the noise might be loud, that doesn't mean it is causing you any harm or doing something it shouldn't.

Going to the chiropractor on a weekly, or even bi-weekly, basis can make a world of difference in how your back is going to feel. However, chiropractic adjustments can help with headaches, sinus problems, and much more. You might be amazed at how many benefits there are for your body when you go to the chiropractor. Take the time to schedule an appointment for a consultation and put your fears and worries behind you.