How to Prevent Workplace Back Injuries

27 January 2023
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Many, many Americans experience a back injury at work every year. Save yourself pain and stress by preventing workplace back injuries before they happen. Learn 6 ways to prevent workplace back injuries. 

1. Safety First 

Employers have a responsibility to provide employees with proper safety training and safety equipment. Employers also need to keep the workplace safe and follow proper safety protocols. Employees have a responsibility to adhere to safety guidelines and follow procedures. 

Many accidents can be avoided when employers and employees adhere to their responsibilities. There are state and federal safety regulations, and many companies have a safety department to assist with improvements and handling accidents. 

2. Lift Heavy Items Properly 

Some jobs require employees to lift heavy items. When an employee lifts a heavy item, they should use a wide stance and lift at the knees. Many people make the mistake of lifting with their back, which can lead to an injury. Employees should understand their own limitations and use tools, such as lifts, when necessary. Carrying something too heavy can also lead to a back injury.

3. Practice Good Posture

Some back injuries happen over years of bad habits, such as poor posture. When you catch yourself slouching or lying in awkward positions, correct yourself. Align your body and stand up straight with your head held high. Make a point to correct yourself every time so that you change your habits into good ones. 

4. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Excess weight puts stress on the body, including the back. The back will respond poorly and weaken over time. 

Reduce the strain you put on your back by maintaining a healthy weight using a healthy diet and regular exercise. Similar to posture, you should create good habits. Indulge in treats in moderation. 

5. Strength Training

When you go to the gym, strengthen the muscles in your back. When you have stronger back muscles, your back will be able to carry more weight and take on greater impact. 

6. Treat Injuries Immediately 

If you do experience an injury, get the proper treatment and follow the doctor's orders. Don't let minor injuries go untreated. Small injuries can lead to more pronounced injuries down the road. 

If you do end up getting a back injury, inform your direct supervisor immediately. You should then collect as much evidence as possible and contact a personal injury lawyer who can refer you to a workplace injury treatment doctor