Treating A Painful Neck: How A Chiropractor Can Provide Relief With Massage Therapy

27 May 2015
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Has your neck been in pain ever since getting rear-ended in a car accident? The solution to the problem may be undergoing massage therapy by a chiropractor, but you will have to be examined first to make sure your neck is not seriously injured. Below, learn how massage therapy from a chiropractor can help a painful neck and what a session is priced on average.

How is Massage Therapy Helpful for Treating a Painful Neck?

Massage therapy can provide relief for a painful neck because it forces the tension out of the tissue. The method of treatment used by the chiropractor will depend on what kind of symptoms you are experiencing. If there is also stiffness with the pain, you may have whiplash from the rear-end collision. The chiropractor may want you to get an x-ray before treating whiplash in case your spinal cord is damaged and needs attention from a physician.

If there is no spinal cord damage present, the chiropractor will massage your neck and back to get rid of tension. He or she may use a combination of massage tools and hand techniques. Your back may also get massaged during your session if you have whiplash, as the spinal cord is attached to the cervical region in your neck.

Spinal manipulation is also commonly done by a chiropractor for treating neck pain from whiplash. Basically, your spinal cord will be maneuvered using a special technique to release air that is in between the joints. The procedure can lead to you experiencing fast relief as the pressure is released. Keep in mind that you may hear popping sounds as the chiropractor is manipulating your spine, but the sounds are natural and nothing to be concerned about.

What is the Estimated Price of a Session with a Chiropractor?

Expect to pay up to $161 for your first consultation and session with a chiropractor, as well as a $44 plus fee if an x-ray is necessary. If is usually necessary for more than one session with a chiropractor, so you should plan to spend up to $103 for each one. The overall price will depend on if a simple massage is being done or if you need spinal manipulation as well.

You don't have to deal with a painful neck for too long if you allow a chiropractor to give you massage therapy. Clinics like Excellence In Health Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic can help answer more questions about chiropractic care. Make an appointment for your first session so you can get pain relief the natural way!