Handle Your Motorcycle Accident Claim Quickly And Fairly

2 September 2018
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The insurance settlement process is one of the most stressful parts of a motorcycle accident. For some people, the stress they endure while trying to settle their claim feels more intense than the stress they suffered after their injuries. An injury settlement may not be an easy process, but there is a way to minimize the stress, while still receiving every bit of compensation you deserve. Learn what you can do to get on this path now.


Insurance companies won't pay a claim without evidence. The documentation you facilitate can help ensure the insurance company has the evidence necessary to move forward with your request. 

Ensure you partner with a medical provider who will submit your information to the insurance company in a timely manner so that the insurance company can review your medical information and move forward with your claim appropriately. At the same time, make sure you provide any other documentation requested in a timely fashion, as not to delay your claim. 


Even as a victim, you play a key role in the settlement process, so you must be a willing participant. You must cooperate with your medical provider. For example, your doctor may tell you that you need to stay off your leg for one week. 

A failure to comply with these guideline puts your case in jeopardy because the insurance company can argue that your lack of cooperation exacerbated your injuries and they are therefore not responsible for your worsened condition. This back and forth can delay settlement on your claim and even shrink the value of your claim. 


Tell the truth in every aspect of the motorcycle claim process. If someone else hit you, you have nothing to hide and therefore, no reason to be dishonest. Insurance companies have large research teams that will investigate every claim and work to uncover any false information. If even one thing you told the insurance company was wrong, your entire claim is at risk. 

However, in your attempt to be honest don't share information that you are not entirely confident in. For example, if the insurance company asks you how fast you were traveling, and you don't know for sure, don't just guess a number. You can tell the insurance company that you are unable to answer a question with certainty and decline to respond. 

Ensure you follow all these tips to help settle your motorcycle accident claim fast and fair. For assistance with these steps and every other aspect of your claim, contact a motor vehicle accident injury attorney right away.