More Than Just Adjustments: Seemingly Strange Prescriptions You Should Expect From Your Chiropractor

6 July 2015
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Chiropractors do much more for their patients than simply rearrange some misaligned vertebrae. Most good chiropractors help their patients with a system for dealing with their pain and illness, which helps patients become more independent and mobile over time.

Give You A New Grocery List

Many chiropractors have certifications in other areas of medicine, which help them to better treat their patients. If your chiropractor is also a certified dietitian, you may leave your first appointment with a prescription for healthy food. 

Spinal health, like the health of any other major body part, is heavily reliant on your diet to supply plenty of nutrients. Common causes of back pain, like osteoporosis and arthritis, may also be diet-sensitive. Sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis, for example, can see a significant decrease in flare-ups and back pain when they avoid foods that promote inflammation. In addition to treating your pain, your chiropractor will likely give you this sort of information to limit your pain in the first place.

Prescribe Pillows And Posture

If you sit at a desk for several hours per day, chances are your back pain is at least being worsened by poor posture. Unless your workstation is already ergonomically optimized, you're likely slouching when you sit or not giving your legs enough support. Your chiropractor will talk you through the elements of good posture and help you practice sitting in ways that reduce your back pain.

For patients who cannot change their workstation to better suit good posture, chiropractors may prescribe you pillows that can better support your back while you sit in a traditional chair. You may also want to get a foot rest for your office to reduce the angle your knees bend when you sit. This supports your legs, increases circulation, and takes some pressure off of your lower back.

Critique Your Fashion Choices

Okay, your chiropractor likely won't care how you actually look. Still, some fashion choices you make can have a serious impact on your back health. If your back pain is being worsened by an accessory or other part of your wardrobe, a good chiropractor will likely spot it and give you tips on what to change. For example, if you have to wear high heels for work, your chiropractor will likely advise that you swap out for more comfortable shoes on your breaks and while you sit at your desk. This reduces the long-term impact of wearing heels. 

Men, on the other hand, may have to carry their wallets differently for the sake of their spines. Many men like to carry wallets in one of their back pockets, but this divides the pressure unevenly across your lower back when you sit. After a few years, this habit can cause back pain and sciatica to develop. Preventing this is as simple as carrying your wallet in a front pocket. 

A good chiropractor has your best interests at heart, and that means helping you help yourself. If your back pain could be soothed in any way by new habits, diet, or different shoes, you can bet your chiropractor will point out the changes you can make. For more lifestyle tips that can reduce your pain, talk to your chiropractor about your condition and current habits.

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