Three Ways To Awake And Refresh Your Body For Spring

24 March 2015
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Many people spring clean their homes as a way of resetting their thoughts and lifestyle for the new season. Have you ever thought of treating your body the same way? All winter long, you sit inside, possibly dealing with depression, dry air, and boredom rather than frolicking outside in the fresh air. This puts wear and tear on your body and your mind. When spring comes, using one or more of these strategies to mentally and physically reboot can ensure you start the new season on the right foot.

Visit the Chiropractor.

Most people spend a lot of time sitting in the winter. Especially since poor posture is rampant in today's society, all of this time on your backside can be tough on your back. Treat yourself to a chiropractic adjustment to ensure everything is in alignment before you start jogging through the forest, gardening, or otherwise celebrating spring weather.

Beyond back pain relief, chiropractic care also has many other benefits that will help renew your body for spring. It can help ease arthritis pain, prevent headaches, and even boost your mood by fighting stress and tension.

Take up Yoga.

Yoga is more than a fitness routine. In addition to improving your strength and flexibility, it also improves your mindset, leaving you ready to tackle all of the exciting challenges that spring presents. The deep breathing exercises and meditation involved in yoga help relieve stress and clear your mind.

Yoga truly is for everyone. Whether you're large or small, male or female, fit or unfit, young or old, you can benefit from yoga. Look for beginner classes at your local gym or community center, and jump right in. Most instructors will teach several variations of poses, so you can pick the variation that's in line with your ability.

Clean up your diet.

There are hundreds of fad diets out there, but there's no single miracle cure that will alleviate all of your problems and prevent you from every becoming ill. The easiest way to improve your diet is simply to eat fewer processed foods and more whole, natural fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Say "no" to things that come in packages and jars, and say "yes" to anything that grows directly from the earth.

By focusing on whole, natural foods instead of packaged foods, you'll be decreasing your consumption of preservative chemicals and dyes, and increasing your vitamin and mineral intake. This will leave you feeling healthier and happier. For specific dietary advice, talk to a nutritionist or even your chiropractor. Many have extensive dietary knowledge and can recommend foods and that will help address your individual health conditions.

Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. Choose one or more of the practices above, such as seeing a chiropractor, and make it a part of your routine this spring. You'll be happier and healthier all year long.