Natural Solutions For Vertigo: Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy Can Help

19 March 2015
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While you may already be familiar with chiropractic care and physiotherapy, you may just think of these types of care as natural approaches to pain management. Chiropractors certainly often offer both manual adjustments and physiotherapy care for pain, but they may also give vertigo sufferers considerable relief through a special type of treatment.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can get vertigo relief via vestibular rehabilitation therapy:

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy?

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is a vertigo treatment that may be offered by chiropractors who use regularly physiotherapy techniques for healing. This type of therapy is exercise based, and is usually combined with regular spinal adjustments.

The chiropractor will typically teach patients a series of special exercises that are designed to help resolve vertigo, in addition to other similar issues:

Exercises are performed daily at home, or on any schedule that the chiropractor recommends. Your vestibular rehabilitation therapy may be completely different from another patient's therapy regimen because the exercises are specifically targeted for the issues you are currently having.

Why Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is Needed

Vertigo, like other vestibular issues, occurs when your vestibular organs are damaged. This may occur because of disease or it may happen due to sudden injury.

When a patient suffers from vertigo, there is a problem with brain communication. Your brains needs to receive certain signals to keep your body properly regulated, but with vertigo your brain isn't getting the information it needs. This can lead to all the balance and disorientation issues associated with vertigo.

How Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy Helps

Your body may try to resolve issues like vertigo on its own, a process known as vestibular compensation. Unfortunately, vestibular compensation may not be enough to resolve the problem, and that is where vestibular rehabilitation therapy comes in. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy can have a dramatic effect on vertigo sufferers, regardless of how advanced their condition may be.

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy will help you train your body to make the more difficult compensations naturally. The exercises will require more physical effort than you are accustomed to making if you aren't used to targeted exercise. Your chiropractor can help alleviate any discomfort that this may cause during spinal adjustments.

This type of therapy can help you overcome vertigo and other vestibular problems without the need for medication. If you are interested in a natural solution for your vertigo, call your local chiropractor to ask if they offer physiotherapy techniques like vestibular rehabilitation therapy today! If you have more questions, contact a company like Chiropractor Plus to learn more.